Tale as old as time…


My work schedule is a bit hectic. I absolutely love it, but it definitely makes me appreciate the days where I have zero plans. If I’m being honest, Jack and I moved a couple of weeks ago, and I still don’t feel as if I’ve truly enjoyed our new place. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will provide for that because guess what? We have ZERO plans. That’s right queue the party dance, I don’t have plans. This means I’m not flying or driving off for a work event, no one is in town staying with us, we don’t have any events that we are required to attend. Nada, nothing, zip, zilch, zero and I am ecstatic about it.

Now this past weekend was of course full of plans and it was super fun not going to lie, but unfortunately I had to work on Sunday thus cutting the weekend plans very short. We FINALLY went to see Beauty and the Beast on Friday and it was perfection. For all you haters out there, COME ON, if you didn’t have a goofy smile on your face that made your cheeks hurt all through the Be Our Guest number you must be cold-hearted. It was adorable and cute, and two words: EMMA WATSON. That is all you should need to know. Case Closed. I loved it.

Saturday, Jack and our friend from high school (Go Eagles!) left Waco bright and early and headed towards Salado for the 15th Annual Smokin’ Spokes Bike Ride where they participated in the 27-mile bike race (I know, brutal right?), they love that kind of stuff. I for one was a very proud wifey when he called me to tell me he had completed the thing. (Good job bub!) Not only did they help raise money for the Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department, they got to eat delicious spaghetti made by the volunteer firefighters as well!

Once they got back we headed out to catch some lunch at a newly discovered restaurant called Cajun Craft. It’s apparently been around for about a year but we hadn’t tried it yet, and boy were we not disappointed. It was delicious! We ate some shrimp po’ boys and fries and fried pickles and my heart was very happy. I highly recommend it!

Once our bellies were full we picked up our adorable pup Ginger and headed over to the Baylor Baseball Park for Bark in the Park! We were able to bring Ginger in to enjoy an afternoon watching the Bears beat the sooners on the berm in gorgeous weather, Hello Spring! She definitely had a blast, made puppy friends and even received a green Baylor bandanna. We really got blessed with a well-behaved puppy even though she really is a spoiled brat. We took her to Common Grounds  (this AMAZING coffee shop right off of Baylor’s Campus, check it out for sure if you’re in town) and she just sat there being the cutest well behaved dog drinking ice water out of her CG cup.

All – in – all it was a great (short) weekend, and I’m looking forward to more gorgeous weather days off. Hopefully this next weekend brings in more Wacoan adventures.

Until next time…

Gabby ♥





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