I’d like to introduce…myself.

Good evening,

I know it’s been a while since we have updated the blog. I always thought, “Running a blog would be so easy and fun!” Little did I realize that the activities of daily life take up a lot of time resulting in putting blog posts on the back burner.

Now, let’s begin my (in)formal introduction. My name is Jack Pedro LaRue and I live with my wonderful wife, Gabby, in serene Waco, Texas. I was born in the southernmost city in Texas known by the name Brownsville. Brownsville is a border city that has a unique culture that blends Mexican and Texan customs where a majority of the population is of Mexican-American descent.  I actually spent the first part of my life growing up in a remote community 25 miles outside of the city limit in a nearly abandoned neighborhood named Kopernik Shores. My backyard was almost literally the Laguna Madre and the front was the mouth of the Rio Grande River knows as Boca Chica. I had a thriving outdoor childhood which has contributed to my life long connection to the coastal region and the outdoors.

After graduating from high school I moved around South Texas attending schools in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Brownsville. Some schools I have attended include Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Del Mar College, University of Texas San Antonio, and San Antonio College. Eventually (after pressure from the wife) I settled on a university and degree that I felt could facilitate my interests and needs. I graduated in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Our Lady of the Lake University. I have held many different jobs throughout my adventures including, pizza delivery, large box stores, bar staff, barista, security, and construction. Currently I am an intellectual and developmental disability service coordinator for HOTR MHMR. I’ve taken my education to the next level by enrolling in a teacher certification course through Mclennan Community College. By the Fall of 2017 I hope to be a 7-12 Social Studies teacher!

Some of my hobbies include Jeeps and the off-road industry, motorcycles, reading, video games (we’re currently hooked on Battlefield 1), and my recently acquired obsession with bicycles. At the moment I have four bicycles in my stable with the most recent purchase being a Fuji Touring 2017. (I’ll most likely be writing some blog posts about this very bike.)

Gabby and I have almost made it to six months of being married (woohoo!) and we are looking forward to our future together that involves starting a family and buying a house! We are extremely excited to see what the future has in store for us. I have adjusted to living in Waco, which is an excellent city that is growing exponentially in a positive way.

I look forward to contributing more often to this blog and hope that y’all enjoy what I have to contribute.



Oh hey there!

So it’s been a while since I posted and I truly apologize. Like mentioned in my previous post I had a couple of relaxing days and now life returns back to the usual hectic schedule. I will be back later this afternoon with a longer post for sure, but to be honest Jack and I started watching “13 Reasons Why” and we are hooked. Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the show and, of course it’s now a must read, book.

If you haven’t heard of “13 Reasons Why,” login to Netflix and educate yourself. It is the best and produced by none other than one of my fave celebrities, Selena Gomez.

I’ll be back I promise, and I will ensure that Jack finally introduces himself!

Bye for now!

Gabby ♥

Tale as old as time…


My work schedule is a bit hectic. I absolutely love it, but it definitely makes me appreciate the days where I have zero plans. If I’m being honest, Jack and I moved a couple of weeks ago, and I still don’t feel as if I’ve truly enjoyed our new place. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will provide for that because guess what? We have ZERO plans. That’s right queue the party dance, I don’t have plans. This means I’m not flying or driving off for a work event, no one is in town staying with us, we don’t have any events that we are required to attend. Nada, nothing, zip, zilch, zero and I am ecstatic about it.

Now this past weekend was of course full of plans and it was super fun not going to lie, but unfortunately I had to work on Sunday thus cutting the weekend plans very short. We FINALLY went to see Beauty and the Beast on Friday and it was perfection. For all you haters out there, COME ON, if you didn’t have a goofy smile on your face that made your cheeks hurt all through the Be Our Guest number you must be cold-hearted. It was adorable and cute, and two words: EMMA WATSON. That is all you should need to know. Case Closed. I loved it.

Saturday, Jack and our friend from high school (Go Eagles!) left Waco bright and early and headed towards Salado for the 15th Annual Smokin’ Spokes Bike Ride where they participated in the 27-mile bike race (I know, brutal right?), they love that kind of stuff. I for one was a very proud wifey when he called me to tell me he had completed the thing. (Good job bub!) Not only did they help raise money for the Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department, they got to eat delicious spaghetti made by the volunteer firefighters as well!

Once they got back we headed out to catch some lunch at a newly discovered restaurant called Cajun Craft. It’s apparently been around for about a year but we hadn’t tried it yet, and boy were we not disappointed. It was delicious! We ate some shrimp po’ boys and fries and fried pickles and my heart was very happy. I highly recommend it!

Once our bellies were full we picked up our adorable pup Ginger and headed over to the Baylor Baseball Park for Bark in the Park! We were able to bring Ginger in to enjoy an afternoon watching the Bears beat the sooners on the berm in gorgeous weather, Hello Spring! She definitely had a blast, made puppy friends and even received a green Baylor bandanna. We really got blessed with a well-behaved puppy even though she really is a spoiled brat. We took her to Common Grounds  (this AMAZING coffee shop right off of Baylor’s Campus, check it out for sure if you’re in town) and she just sat there being the cutest well behaved dog drinking ice water out of her CG cup.

All – in – all it was a great (short) weekend, and I’m looking forward to more gorgeous weather days off. Hopefully this next weekend brings in more Wacoan adventures.

Until next time…

Gabby ♥




National Puppy Day

Not sure about the blog etiquette about posting twice in one day, but I just heard that it was national puppy day and had to share a picture and post of my adorable girl, Ginger. 

We adopted Ginger from Pets Alive! in San Antonio when she was (estimated) 2 months old and have loved her ever since. We really got lucky with her. She’s a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. She likes to eat whatever she can get to, but is also disciplined and listens well. 

She’ll turn 3 this May (again estimated). 

Here’s a picture of her today on our daily trip to the dog park, a new tradition that we’ve started, my husband and I just moved into a new apartment complex 2 weeks ago. 

Happy National Puppy Day! 


Once a Texan, always a Texan

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Southern California for a business trip. I had only been to the Los Angeles area before a couple of years ago and that trip was literally only for 48 hours total, including travel time, so I never felt like I had really gotten a sense of what SoCal life was like.

I was born and raised in Texas and have lived here my whole life, and as previously stated in my first post, I hadn’t ever gotten on a plane until I was 18, and until recently, had for the most part traveled only in Texas. My job requires a lot of traveling, and for that I am grateful. To date I’ve had the chance to travel multiple times to Florida because of work, and on top of that have traveled to a couple of additional states with friends in family. To summarize and give you a better picture below are the states I’ve traveled to and stayed in (not just driven through):

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • Texas

Now seeing as the US has 50 states, the fact that I’ve only visited and really been in 8 states for any number of days is a bit daunting. I would love to be able to visit more of our country, and of course other countries. Having two degrees in Sociology has only opened up my curiosity of getting to know people from all over the globe.

Now to talk about how many countries I’ve visited outside the US you only need (technically) two fingers. I say technically because besides our honeymoon in Canada, the only other country I’ve visited is Mexico, and being from a bordertown and Mexican-American myself I don’t really count it. I say I don’t count it because I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the states further in Mexico, the states that don’t border the US and I honestly wouldn’t hesitate to go. I’ve heard stories from my parents on the beauty that the Mexican countryside and coast holds, and will hopefully one day, the sooner the better, have the ability to go visit more of the country that I have heard so much about.

But back to California. First of all could we discuss the weather in March? Oh my goodness. I would not have any complaints about being out in the sunshine in 60 degree weather. It was absolutely gorgeous! The closer we got to the coast the more breezy wind we received, and while yes it could get hot, it felt as if there was air-conditioning outside at all times. SoCal was gorgeous and I really enjoyed driving up from San Diego to the Los Angeles area in the span of four days. I do have to question the many people and surfers that thought that it was good weather to be in the water. I’m pretty sure the water was ice cold, and as a southern Texan myself, I am very much used to visiting South Padre Island after weeks if not months of 100+ degree weather. It is way too cold in the Spring time in California for swimming folks.

I got to do some of the touristy things like visit Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Star Walk, and even take a picture with the Hollywood sign. Our group also got to see the setup of the “blue carpet” for the movie premiere of Chips starring Dax Shepard and Michael Peña in front of the Chinese Theater which was pretty cool to see. No movie star sightings, but it’s alright.

This trip was definitely a quick work trip, but as always a perfect example of an opportunity to live in the moment. One of our work events was held at an institute that was dedicated to educating others about the ocean and how to maintain it and I was able to view the Pacific ocean from a beautiful vantage point. These are the little moments in which I quietly Thank God for the many times he shows how beautiful the world he made truly is.

Although SoCal is gorgeous, I was relieved to land back in Dallas and make the drive to Waco. Like the saying goes, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl. Texas Forever.

As always, excuse my rambling and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Gabby ♥

Giving this blog thing a try…

Hello blog world. My name is Gabriella LaRue, formerly known as Gabriella Garza, but you can call me Gabby. I am a 26 year-old living the big city life in Waco, Texas. Yes, that was sarcasm, Waco is far from being a big city and far from providing the “big city life,” but I love it. I decided to give blogging a try mainly because I thought it would be nice to have a place to put my thoughts down on “paper.” I’ve always loved writing, but could never manage to keep a journal or a diary, and only blogging seemed like a fun venture.

A bit of an introduction to me and how the heck I ended up in good ol’ Waco, Texas. I was born and raised in a small city on the border of Mexico, also known as the tip of Texas, named Brownsville. I actually have only lived in three cities total, Brownsville taking claim to the majority of my years. I had a pretty normal middle-class childhood with many blessings, and never wanted for anything. I was lucky enough to have a very large family filled with dozens of cousins which reduced the feeling of loneliness an only-child can so often experience. I am so grateful for my upbringing because I truly believe it has shaped me into the independent and motivated woman I am today. My parents really are two of my best friends, and the older I get the more I realize how much we have in common.

At 18 I moved to Waco to attend Baylor University. Funny enough, Baylor would be the reason why I began experiencing very new and very real things. To start off with, in my 18 years of life, I had never been on a plane. That all changed the summer of 2009 when I hopped on a plane at 5:30 am to Dallas for my connection to Waco to attend Baylor Line Camp, which is Baylor’s freshmen camp where students learn all they need to know about traditions, and history and of course how to do a perfect Sic ‘Em. Now it isn’t a secret, and anyone who knows me would tell you I am a die-hard Baylor fan, that I bleed green and gold, and that I would do anything for the university I love so much. The reason behind this, is because even though at the time I didn’t know it, Baylor exposed me to the very best and the very worst our world could offer. Now I know what you may be thinking, “So you’re saying a small Christian school in the middle of Texas showed you what the world could offer you without actually seeing the world?” Well in fact, yes. At Baylor I found a closer relationship with God and with my Catholic faith, I found amazing friendships, I found love, loss, heartbreak, jealousy, and every emotion in between. Those 3.5 years (I graduated early, what can I say, I’m an over achiever.) taught me a lot and helped me grow so much. I believe in everything the University sets out to do, to “educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.” And boy, did I feel that caring community.

After graduation, I had the opportunity to move to San Antonio, Texas, the home of the San Antonio Spurs, (Go Spurs Go!) and a city I grew up loving. You see San Antonio was only four hours north of my hometown making it the perfect vacation getaway for my family. I went to more Spurs games that I could count, and knew growing up it was where I wanted to be. Unfortunately my perfect university, Baylor, was located 3 hours north of San Antonio, so for the time being SA had to be ignored and Waco would be my home. I was so excited that I was finally moving to San Antonio to live the big city life. Now you know what they say, you usually like the idea of living in a big city more than actually living in it, and thus when the opportunity to move back to my dear Waco to work for my dream school Baylor, I ran head first.

I am currently working at Baylor and love every minute of it. I’ve been back in Waco for almost two-years, and frankly, find it hard to move anywhere else. I am happy and content, and could see myself raising my family here.

Speaking of raising a family, I am a NEWLYWED! That’s right, I’m very excited about it. Obviously the blog gives it away, and I will be writing mostly about the adventures I have with my husband Jack, and our love-story will be kept for another post.

And now I feel like it would be a great time to wrap this first blog post up. I’m not too sure how often I’ll be writing a post, probably at least once a week. I hope that you’ll join me along this blogging journey, and don’t find me too dull.

Until next time…

 Gabby ♥